Into the Woods... Character Sheets!

Character Sheets!

Heya folks! I wanted to let you know that I sat down and made two character sheets for you guys. Of course you could always make these yourself, the instructions are in the book, but I thought I'd include separate PDF versions that were already pre-made for you guys. There is a slightly fancy version with art and a version that is just plain. Both should be fairly printer friendly, but if something is up please let me know and I'll adjust the "plain" version further. Updated, there is just a printer friendly version at the moment.

There was a small error on the character sheets when I first uploaded them but I corrected that issue. Just including this note here so folks know I updated the files. Only one person downloaded the version with the typo, so it wasn't a big deal at least. Thanks for checking out my game though!

Hope this makes your experience with Into the Woods... all the more enjoyable and I look forward to your feedback! :) 


Into the Woods Character Sheet (Printer Friendly).pdf 68 kB
Jul 04, 2019

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