Version 2.1 Quick Fixes

Heya Folks!

Just writing this to let you know I made some fixes to the 2.1 version of the game based on some feedback I got over the weekend. I was playing this with my church kids (I help run the youth program), and we noticed I had a few inconsistencies that eluded me previously. Here are all of the updates to the 2.1 version, which you don't have to update to but I recommend:

  • Updated page numbers for reference regarding the "Starting Bonuses" table. Previously 18-22, which was where the new example turns were and totally incorrect.
  • Modified the example turns very slightly to make it more obvious that each season is 3 rounds NOT 4.
    • To that end, I also fixed the cheat sheets where I incorrectly stated 4 rounds instead of 3, which did not sync up with the rest of the document.
  • Updated the FAQ to explain why each season seems to have 4 rounds vs. 3. The reason is as follows:
    • Future proofed for the upcoming The Changing Seasons expansion (both free and paid versions). Additionally, a special circumstance is possible in the base game where a season could have 4 rounds instead of the normal 3.

Prior to this update, I had only made minor corrections that did not warrant a devlog. If you haven't updated the PDF's for about a week or so, I strongly recommend you do so now as to avoid any possible confusion in the future. Thank you for your continued support and I hope you have fun with the game, especially with everything clarified now!


Into the Woods Version 2.1.pdf 1 MB
Jul 15, 2019
Into the Woods Version 2.1 Plain.pdf 1 MB
Jul 15, 2019
Into the Woods Character Sheet & Cheat Sheets (Printer Friendly Standalone).pdf 89 kB
Jul 15, 2019

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