Into the Woods - Version 2.1 (The Second Part of Yesterday's 2.0 Update)

It's Finished!

First off, happy 4th of July everybody! Hope you are having a safe and wonderful evening tonight. I have another BIG update for ya as we approach the weekend. Yesterday you may recall that I published a major update for version 2.0 where I made some pretty big changes to how Into the Woods... played. However, it was only some of the changes meant for the 2.0 version because there were a LOT. I'll be braking down every new thing I did, and of course, yesterday's changes are still in place.

In the 2.1 update, I did the following:

  • More balance changes. Nothing too major, just a few little things.
    • Creating your character is now slightly different. You assign stats BEFORE getting your starting bonuses.
    • Fixed the broken "Berry Bushes" encounter. You can no longer fail after success. The worst thing that will happen is you get 0 food, for flavor, not as a punishment for success. Rewards are slightly better as well. This was a unique problem to this encounter due to the fact that I had a different design framework for these early in. I just didn't think to change it for the final version. It's much better now though.
  • Totally revamped the character sheet file. It now comes with helpful cheat sheets that are standalone from the book (in a printer friendly format).
    • Speaking of, I added these things to the core book as well.
  • Added a character generator! Now you don't need imagination to get yourself setup. Just draw a few cards and plug the results right into your character sheet. Easy! This is more like a quick prompt to get you started on the game.
    • Generate your stats.
    • Pick a name.
    • What's your background?
  • Moved a few things around, like Bestiary information, so the presentation is more logical.
    • Speaking of the bestiary, I eliminated categories and just alphabetized the thing. They all have little character cards with all the info on them so that was unnecessary before and just took up extra space. All the links should be working, so you shouldn't really need to manually look that much anyway.
  • Changed how the season charts display information (just the order really). Cards now appear in a logical order. All that means for you is that encounters moved to the club suit while the descriptor of your encounter is now diamonds. Didn't change gameply, but makes things easier on the player.
  • Added a few example turns where I go through in great detail and explain EXACTLY how to do everything, it even has just a touch of humor in it for you.
  • Added an FAQ section so if you need clarification on some of the more unusual interactions, you have them. Also just some general questions I've received.
    • As part of this, I've rewritten things slightly in key areas where things were needlessly confusing.
  • There's now a dedicated section for adjusting the difficulty and ways to expand your play. I provided a good amount of these so you should have no trouble playing the game just the way you want.
  • Tons of little tiny fixes in the presentation. I honestly can't remember all of them, but trust me, they are there.

All of this stuff resulted in an additional 18 pages of content! With that I think the base book is pretty much complete. I changed the game's state to "in development" yesterday until this update came through. However, baring a few minor tweaks if people find a spelling error or something, I likely won't be updating this project again.

Instead, if you like Into the Woods... and want to see it expanded on please be sure to rate, share, and let me know with a comment (or email me even). If there is enough interest I will make more for this game for sure. I have some ideas already floating around which would make the game even BETTER than it already is. One such idea is end of season events, which may be something I toss in as a small expansion (totally for free) after a little break ;)

Why not include that here? This is a jam project and I wanted everything to be done during the jam period. I have achieved that. Future content will be its own thing and not done under these kind of ludicrous time constraints. Designing a full game that can be expanded, especially at 58 pages, is a lot to do in less than one month's time! I hope that clarifies things for you.

Hope you have an awesome time playing my game and I would love to hear from you anytime!


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Jul 05, 2019
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Jul 05, 2019
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Jul 05, 2019

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