Version 1.1 Update & Fixes

Quick Update

As promised, I would address a few things once the weekend was over. Now that I am home and have had time to look at the document I noticed a few things that were in need of fixing. I also got a chance to play my game and it is very difficult. I made it most the way through Summer before ultimately biting the dust to a swarm of insects. RIP Wilderness Pete. Here's what was updated:

  • Updated some language to be consistent and clarified a few things.
  • Added missing page numbers where something would say, "refer to page _." Now the page number is actually there.
  • Fixed the "Starting Bonuses" table so that it has the correct number of items. I had caught this on my other tables but missed it on this one. Basically, there was an extra row that was impossible to ever get because Ace and 1 are the same value.
  • Added bookmarks in the PDF to make table navigation even easier.

I may need to tweak some of the balance but I've only played through once, so for now, things will stay as is. If you have feedback on the game, please feel free to provide it. Hope you continue to enjoy the game :)


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Jul 01, 2019

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