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A small expansion for Into the Woods... by Nathan Mehlhorn


The forest grows restless. With each passing season the once familiar woods have warped and changed beyond recognition. This does not concern you though, as you will continue on as you always have. Working tirelessly day in, and day out… and too, this dreamlike woodland will as well.

Into the Woods... Evolutions is a small expansion for the free solo tabletop role-playing game Into the Woods... by Nathan Mehlhorn. The base game is required to play this expansion (compatible with Version 2.4 and later).This expansion will add even more variety to your games, allowing for more interesting stories to arise, and includes a few peaks into the next expansion I have in the works:  Into the Woods... The Changing Seasons.

What's in the Box

Included in this expansion is a 25 page rulebook that can be optionally used in any game of Into the Woods... You'll primarily find 4 tables, one for each season, with 13 entries each (A-K). These will cause the forest, you, or sometimes both parties to evolve and adapt to new situations. Currently, there are 35 unique events out of 52, with some being shared for thematic reasons (or because I thought they were particularly fun/interesting).

You'll also find a new game mode along with some custom characters, all made and ready to play! Here's what you can expect:

  • New game mode: Companion!
    • Want your character to have a friend and gain a little boost? Then this will be the mode for you. I was inspired by an event I wrote where you gain a companion and decided to make it a new mode playable with just the base game or any expansions.
  • Pre-generated characters!
    • All new backgrounds
    • Range of difficulty to offer unique challenges and advantages across plays
    • Some unique setups not normally possible with just the base book
  • An additional A-K name table to thank those who helped inspire the ideas in this book!

Like the base book, everything is organized to make play as smooth as possible. Additionally, this expansion will be compatible with future content meant for the base game. While this is not something I'm working on right now as I transition my efforts back into The Changing Seasons expansion, I may add alternate tables with expanded or varied options at a later date. These will be available to anybody who purchases the expansion free of additional charge.

How Does Evolutions Play?

I designed this to be extremely easy on the player, so it is not a very complex expansion. During setup of the base game, 4 cards are normally removed from play. In this expansion, those cards are utilized by forming a small 4 card deck. At the start of each season, you draw a card, consult the appropriate table, and then apply the corresponding effect to your game. Some effects last for the remainder of the season, while others will continue to persist throughout the entire game.

Once you have resolved the evolution for the current season, you will play the game normally until you reach a new season. It really is that simple! Just in case though, I've provided detailed instructions, FAQ section with further clarification on obscure interactions, and all of the convenience found in the base book.

What You'll Need

Again, you'll need the base book and everything listed on its page. You can download Into the Woods... absolutely free by clicking here. You may want to print out the tables separately as well, but that is entirely optional. Plain tables will be provided with the download should you want them.

Why Does This Cost Money?

Unlike the base game, Evolutions has a small cost of $1 US*. While I would like to offer all of my work for free, I simply can't justify that with all the time and resources that I have dedicated to this project. However, I set the price as low as I could since this is a small expansion. A free preview of the expansion is provided if you would like to check the expansion out as well. It includes everything except the art, table explanations, and some other clarifying entries like the bestiary on a plain watermarked background, so you can't use most of the content in the expansion without actually purchasing it.

That said, I understand more than most when it comes to financial hardships, so if that applies to you, feel free to reach out at jonspencerreviews@gmail.com and we can work something out.

*A note to Patrons, at the $5 tier or higher, this is automatically awarded to you free of charge. There is no need to make an additional purchase to access the download and is yours to keep forever alongside any future updates or additions.


This expansion was written by Nathan Mehlhorn in association with Jon Spencer Reviews.

Jon Spencer Reviews

Thank You & Feedback Request

Once again, thank you for your continued support of Into the Woods... and my work. I truly hope you enjoy the expansion and look forward for the upcoming The Changing Seasons expansion when it is available. Please be sure to rate the game and consider leaving a comment for others to help them decide if this expansion is for them. I appreciate any and all feedback, but please try to say more than,  "Great game!" or, "I really hated it!" because that won't help me improve the product or know what I did well.

Of course, I will continue to support this title so if you notice any typos, have a great suggestion, or anything else, be sure to let me know via email (jonspencerreviews@gmail.com) or with a comment below. If you have a real banger idea or make significant contribution to the project, I will be sure to give you credit right here on the page and book itself.


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Community Copies

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Community Copies

For every purchase of either the base game of Into the woods... or this expansion, a free community copy will be given out for those who would like them. Ever since I learned about these community copies I thought they were a lovely idea, so hopefully this can help some of you out. I sincerely hope you enjoy the game and thank you for considering to pay it forward!

Download demo

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The updates have a ‘buy’ link for $1, but, clicking it goes to a 404 page. Is there a way to get the expansion currently?

Thank you for bringing this to my attention, I will investigate this problem and sort this out as soon as possible. I'm not sure why everything except the preview is not loading on the user end when things are working for me on the admin side. I may need to talk with Itch.io staff. In the meantime, if you would like, please email me at jonspencerreviews@gmail.com and I would be more than happy to send you a complimentary copy for bringing this to my attention.

Good news, I discovered the issue. A setting got accidently ticked that had temporarily disabled the sale of the game for a short period. I have now undone this and the expansion is available normally again. I likely would not have noticed this for some time without you letting me know so you have my appreciation. As mentioned, please feel free to email me for a complimentary copy of this (or any of my paid work really) if you would like one. Thanks again.


No worries, while I love free stuff, I also really like supporting people who make neat stuff that give me hours or even days of enjoyment :).

I greatly appreciate the support so thank you! I really hope you have a wonderful time with the game :)