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A semi-cooperative game by Nathan Mehlhorn


In Crisis Council 3-4 players must work together to repeal a major threat (be it a kingdom fighting off an invasion, a city dealing with a viral outbreak, etc…). However, each player wants to profit when the dust settles. Do you have what it takes to stop the crisis and come out ahead?

Please be aware that Crisis Council is still in development but a FREE set of the game's BASIC rules are available if you would like to give it a try now. The BASIC game is missing the following things that are planned for the final version but is otherwise a full and complete experience on its own:

  • Hidden Roles/Objectives
  • Different Arbiter Setups (Tax Rates & Dice Pools)
  • Emergency Declarations (Modifiers for Rounds 2 & 3, Chosen by Arbiter From a Card Pool)

This storefront will sell the digital version of the game for print-and-play purposes but a physical version of the final product should also be made available at a later date. Please stay tuned for more information. Final product may vary from the projected roadmap here, so please be aware.

What's in the Box (BASIC Version)

Currently you have access to a 4 page PDF that contains all the rules you need to play Crisis Council. There is no set theme currently, you may decide on that for yourself. The game is relatively straightforward in the BASIC state and shouldn't be much work to figure out. Just in case, an optional player aid is provided as a separate document.

What You'll Need

For the BASIC version, you will need 35 six-sided dice and some friends. Do not worry if all the dice are the same size or color, this will not impact gameplay (though it is suggested you play with 35 identical dice when able).

What's the Cost?

The BASIC version of Crisis Council is completely free and yours to keep forever. This version will remain available even when the final product is completed as it is a watered down iteration of the game to begin with. Still, the BASIC version has enough legs to stand on its own and will give you an excellent idea of what the final product will feel like.

If you would like to aid me with the production of this game please consider making a donation. This is NOT a preorder, but I have set the "suggested donation" price at what the estimated final cost of the digital product will be ($4.99 US). The reason I am not running a preorder at this time is that I'm just not comfortable taking your money for a product that that doesn't exist yet beyond this BASIC version.

With that said, if you do support the BASIC version, I will have record of the email address you do so with. Meaning, when the final product does come out, you can email me and I'll get you sorted. Note, I will NEVER use your email to solicit you or share your personal information in accordance with itch.io's policy.


This game was written and created by Nathan Mehlhorn in association with Jon Spencer Reviews.

Jon Spencer Reviews

Thank You & Feedback Request

Thank you so much for checking out Crisis Council, I hope you enjoy it! Be sure to rate and share. If you have any feedback on the game, I gladly welcome it, though I ask you keep it as constructive as possible. Saying, "Great game!" or, "I really hated it!" doesn't tell me much about what I did well or not.

I created this game while under lockdown during the Covid-19 outbreak in order to stay active and to provide entertainment for friends & family, as well as all of you of course! As a result, there may be some rough edges in the BASIC version but the final iteration of the game will be more polished. I will still support this BASIC version should any changes become necessary (spelling/grammar/clarifications/etc..).


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Crisis Council - BASIC Rules (PDF) 739 kB
Player Aid BASIC Version (PDF) 546 kB

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I had a lot of fun playing this with a new found friends. I love that it's a little shorter, and gives you the opportunity to get your head into the "role play mode".  I imagine it would be an awesome start to any game night! Will be playing again!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the game and appreciate your support :)