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Is there a printer-friendly version of the rules available?

Thank you for your question. Currently there is not a printer- friendly version of the rulebook. I originally created this for a contest and at the time I wasn't permitted to make a printer-friendly edition.

That said, if you really need one, I can make one for you sometime tomorrow or the day after when I'm home. At the moment, I don't have access to my computer with this file, which is the only reason for the delay.


I would like a printable rule set.  I want to make a few copies of this for my school game club when I am able to bring it back.  Plus, I find white text on back backgrounds very hard on the eyes.  Sorry about taking a while to respond.; I was having computer issues.

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No worries, I can make you a plain copy but the pictures will still be in there. This will allow you to print B&W with little issue but will use a little more ink than my other printer-friendly editions. I'd remove the pictures entirely but this rulebook was written with them in mind as reference for the competition so I don't have a better solution beyond rewriting the whole book itself. Anyway, keep your eye on the page and I can get this uploaded tonight (give me maybe an hour or so).

EDIT - Got to this faster than expected, please redownloaded the zip file and you should find the new BW rulebook :)


Thank you

Sure thing, have fun!


A very good game! It really pushes the limits of only having so many cards and the concept of the game is nice and unique!  A multi directional puzzle with plenty of ways to win and trick you opponents.  Great game with the potential to turn into a classic at small parties!

Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm very glad to hear you enjoyed the game and think so highly of it, especially given the design limitations for the competition.


Another solid game from Jon Spencer Reviews! Easy to pick up and play, and TONS of opportunity for replayability. Definitely bringing a copy for my students next year!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you've enjoyed my content so much :)